Dignity, Perseverance & Passion: Empowering a New Generation of Business Leaders

 Zsolt Agárdy at the Universidad de San Andres

Zsolt Agárdy  speaking at Universidad des Andres

Zsolt Agárdy speaking at Universidad de Andres


Zsolt Agárdy spoke warmly to a class of business students at the Universidad de San Andres. In order to make Argentina better, Zsolt believes, we must empower new generations with higher education, passion and opportunity.


In the trepidatious economy, many graduates are wary of the obstacles in their way. Even with years of education and work experience, college graduates can benefit from the guidance of accomplished professionals in the field.


“Never stop studying and learning and keep your dignity and honor. It’s the only thing no one can take away from you.”




Zsolt Agárdy


“Its crucial for the coming generations to be passionate about their work. With passion and perseverance, you will thrive in the workplace and in your careers.”


“Success comes to some, and other times it is slow to come.  But don’t wait for it!  Go and find it!” says Zsolt to the new graduates.


In the spirit of José Ortega y Gasset, Zsolt declares that in life it is incorrect to say that we are a product of pre-determined circumstances. On the contrary, circumstances are the dilemma, constantly renewed, in presence of which we have to make decisions. What actually makes us decide is our character.