How You Can Get Big on Social Media Without a PR Agency

What’s your first impression of a potential colleague? Client? Friend? Back in the day, when we met face-to-face more often, we could interpret someone’s personality and behavior from what you talk about and how they interact. Now, thanks to Google, there is so much more to meeting someone than just a handshake and a smile. How can you make a name for yourself online without hiring public relations folks to help you?

First, you’ll need to do some research. Head over to Google and read some articles to understand what people are saying about you and your industry. What are the trends? Who’s the most popular user? What are people missing in the conversation?

Second, remember that social media is often the first place people will find you. Regular users and journalists alike rely almost primarily on Twitter and Facebook to source the latest stories. When you share content on a social media page, you are bound to share it where people get their information first. Plus, it’s less intrusive than sending email.

If you can think backwards from headlines, you will see yourself as you fit into the big picture. The most important thing about social media is how you handle your relationships. If your relationships offline reflect the truth of what’s being said about you online, social media users will verify that with attention and conversation.

However, if you go it alone without help from a PR agency, there are a few things you should know.

For example, take some tips from “Four Social Media Mistakes You Are Unknowingly Making.” 

One of these is posting the same thing more than once; it’s awkward for followers to see you sharing the same information more than once. Also, avoid communities that aren’t relevant to you or your industry. People will know that you’re just there to promote yourself, so stick to what you know. On social media, engage and listen to what people are discussing before just sharing irrelevant links. Avoid these things and you’re good to go!

Get ready to engage and communicate with the big wide world of social media. It is the future of personal relationships and corporate development.

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