Sociedad Rural Argentina: Making an Impact on Argentinian Agriculture

Zsolt Agárdy Sociedad Rurral

Zsolt Agárdy receiving an award for forty years with the Sociedad Rural

The Sociedad Rural Argentina is the largest ranching association in the country.  This photo shows Zsolt receiving an award for his 40 years with the organization.

In the mid-1800s, the organization began with a small partnership farmers determined to cultivate the soil in order to serve the country. They persevered to improve pre-existing techniques, methods and procedures applicable to the rural activities essential to the development of the Argentine farmland. They also planned to take a staunch defense of agricultural resources and interests of industry professionals.

Ever since their first agricultural exhibition in 1875, the SRA has been making a lasting impact on rural innovation, public awareness, and education. 

The SRA’s history is long and its efforts are extensive.  It represents the interests of the largest landowners, which in turns affects the meat, grain, and dairy industries, and further, issues related to biotechnology, labor, health care, work safety, and the environment.  Given the importance of the rural sector in Argentina and the SRA’s activities over a century and a half of its operation, it has had a significant influence in the policies of successive governments.

The organization is active in several endeavors that are critical to the development of Argentina’s future generations. One program, Ateneo Youth, aims to educate young people in the agricultural endeavor. The SRA has also instituted a system of non-formal education which is taught at the Higher Institute of Education, Research and Agricultural Extension, abbreviated as ISEA. The Society is so influential that it is involved in international negotiations with institutions such as the World Trade Organization.

The society’s headquarters are in Buenos Aires.