The Weekend Habits of Truly Successful People

Have you ever heard the phrase “TGIF”?  Thank God It’s Friday, expressed by hardworking professionals on the joyous last day of the week. It’s finally time to relax, unwind, and leave the stresses of work in the office.  

However, for people who demand success in all aspects of their life, the weekend becomes a time to hone in on effective lifestyle habits. It’s time to devote intentional mindfulness to personal growth, energy, and brainstorming for future endeavors.  

No two people live their lives entirely the same way. When you wake up in the morning, you approach the world with a different perspective than your friends, family, and co-workers.  A recent Entrepeneur article highlighted the five habits of successful entrepreneurs, emphasizing that the routine of these people significantly affects their efficiency.

Consider these habits as small changes you can make to take control of your life.  Strategizing your schedule and managing your energy will greatly impact your success during the workweek.

Recharge with purpose

We all know the weekend is for serious relaxation. But if you just put on the TV all day and become a couch potato, you may miss opportunities for purposeful self-reflection.  Choose your time wisely. Every hour on the weekends will be filled with some kind of mental or physical activity, so you can be in charge of your schedule: even relaxing offers the opportunity for you to be in control


This habit may surprise you. Business people are considered to always be connected to their devices. On the weekends, maybe you think a successful weekend would be getting a head start on emails and leads.  

On the contrary, obsessive connection to email and social media drains both your creativity and your vitality. Choosing to unplug not only allows you to experience life in real time, but is another way to practice self-control.

 Limit chores, errands, and busy work

Instead of focusing on the distractions of household responsibilities, dedicate your weekend time to a schedule that brings you happiness.  Set a small amount of time to this work, but schedule a longer amount of time to an event or gathering that you plan.  Being surrounded by friends will make you feel happy, uplifted, and ready for the start of a new week – doing laundry all day won’t.