Why You Should Hire A College Graduate

According to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates released April 2016, Baby Boomers are no longer America’s dominant generation. Millennials claim first place.

With so many twenty-somethings eagerly leaving college campuses, degrees in hand and resumés sent out, why should you hire them? And how can you keep them happy?

Why You Should Hire A College Graduate

Twenty-somethings have a bad rap. They feel entitled to certain privileges, they’re self-centered, they have short attention spans. But these are generalizations; they’re also talented, inquisitive, and bring new perspectives and habits to the workplace that add value to their employers. Today’s age of American manufacturing no longer requires the grit and grime mentality of the smokestack days. Instead, graduates with seriously focused skills and talent will sustain growth. The government is working with education officials to focus goals toward investing in a smarter, talented workforces.

This generation of millennials is drastically unique compared to the groups who have come before. This year’s graduates are the first group to be raised entirely digital age. This has shaped their entire social fabric, through communication and media. However, this culture also comes with an increase in distractedness and decreased sense of connection with face-to-face dialogue and nature. They are the most racially and ethnically diverse group in U.S. history. An adolescence infused with cultural diversity has arguably made them more open-minded and politically versed than previous generations. Another reason to hire a grad; they’re well-educated. The Pew Research Center reported that 63% of millennials are either college graduates or on the path to graduate from college. Half of those who are currently enrolled in high school or college report plans to pursue further degrees at some point in their future. Many millennials have more degrees under their belt than the folks hiring them.

How Can You Keep Them Happy?

Although this young work force is smart and ready to contribute, they are also predicted to change jobs frequently in search of the perfect fit. So how can you keep them inspired and motivated? The effect of contribute to a goal bigger than themselves. Corporations are changing, and millennials crave a “sense of purpose” when they clock in every day. Consistent feedback is also important, because it personalizes their work experience and shows how they can improve their influence on the greater purpose of the organization. As the influence of millennials grow, expect the culture of the workforce to change; this is a good thing!