Zsolt Agardy has built his career around one important quality: perseverance. As a financier and entrepreneur who paved his own way through the ever-changing world of investment banking, he credits his success to education and a hard work ethic. He was independent from a young age and studied Business Administration at the Argentine Catholic University before taking a leading role at Fiduc Group. He spent the next thirty years on the cutting edge of investment banking, keeping up with the evolution of the industry as he created some of the largest operations in South America and beyond. After nearly a lifetime of achievement, at the young age of 52, he decided to go back to school for graduate studies in business. In 2000 he earned a Master´s in Management and in 2001 his MBA, both from the Zsolt AgárdyUniversity of Miami, where he was the valedictorian.

“You can be brilliant, but if you can’t persevere, you have nothing,” Zsolt says. This mindset has helped him make the largest financial trading company in Argentina, as well as invest in major companies and revamp their management. He also invested in the first ever online financial trading company in South America, Patagon.com, which was eventually sold to Santander Bank for millions of dollars. From Argentine paper conversion companies to Hungarian hotels and Uruguayan real estate, Zsolt always kept up with the newest developments.

During his years with Fiduc Group, Zsolt combined his entrepreneurship with direct involvement in the Group’s companies. He served as Director of Fiduc’s Finance Corporation and also directed Fiduc’s Finance & Trading Corporation in London as a member of the Securities and Futures Authority. Zsolt took the reins as President and CEO of Odelis SA, a real estate development company that recently unveiled the Acqua residential building in Punta del Este, Uruguay. He also managed South American operations as the Vice President of Bankinvest Ltd., a company based in Zurich.

Now, Zsolt is a fiscal resident in the Bahamas, having sold most of the companies he had except Angel Estrada & Cía SA, the innovative paper conversion company that was founded in 1869 and continues to flourish under Zsolt’s guidance today. Zsolt continues to be fascinated by entrepreneurship and the changes in the wealth industry.

“The wealth industry is changing dramatically; it depends enormously on where you live,” Zsolt says. That’s why throughout his career, Zsolt has always put emphasis on sharing financial knowledge with others. Understanding the way that equity investment, venture capital, and business development have changed– and will continue to change– is key for succeeding in the future. Between his extensive personal experience and his philanthropic efforts, including the founding of an Argentine university in 1988, Zsolt makes financial education more available to the people who need it most. He particularly likes to advise recent college graduates who are ready to become entrepreneurs and enter the complex world of banking.