Ten Essential Productivity Apps

End distractions today with these ten productivity apps. If you have a smartphone, stop playing games and download these powerful tools to keep you focuses. Just don’t get distracted when you’re downloading them to your phone!


1. Workflow ($2.99)


This app won the Editor’s Choice awards for its powerful automation power. It takes out the extra step of things like getting directions, uploading recent photos to the cloud, scheduling rides to the airport, and so on.


2. Evernote ($0-$49.99)


Evernote is everyone’s favorite digital diary. From jotting down quick notes to compiling outlines for academic study, it’s the most efficient way to dictate and share information.


3. Inbox for Gmail (free)


If you use Gmail, Inbox is the best way to organize a chaotic email system. You can opt to bundle similar messages together and check them later as a group.


4. HabitList ($3.99)


This app tracks how long you’ve kept uninterrupted tasks going per day, varying from exercise, diet, to workplace efficiency.


5. Boxer ($4.99)


If you have multiple email accounts, check out Boxer. Keeo Gmail, Outlook, and Dropbox all in the same place and navigate all of your files with a few swipes.


6. Pomodoro Timer ($1.99)


There’s a science behind focusing on one task for 25 minutes and then taking a break. These “tomato” timers are customizable, letting you adjust the length of your work sprints and breaks. A very well-designed app.


7.  Streaks ($3.99)


Streaks encourages you to complete a designated set of tasks from your to-do list every single day. It was chosen as a Best of 2015 app and it’s even available on Apple Watch!


8. Trello

Trello is a beautiful organization app. Users create “lists”  which are dynamic categories that are then filled with “cards.” Drag and drop items between lists as necessary.


9. Duet Display (($7.99)


Connect your device to your Mac with a lightning or 30-pin cable for a lag-free second display (that was developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers, so it’s pretty flawless). Duet Display preserves the functionality of the touch screen as you switch between the two.


10. LastPass (subscription)

Never forget a password again! Users sync their passwords and then have LastPass fill in login forms automatically when surfing sites.